DRIP RING ø 90 mm


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Weight 0.036 kg

AMIKA Dishwasher 6X, AMIKA Dishwasher 6XA, AMIKA Dishwasher 6XL, AMIKA Dishwasher 6XLB, AMIKA Dishwasher 6XLE, APACH Dishwasher AF500, APACH Dishwasher AF501, COLGED Dishwasher BETA250, COLGED Dishwasher BETA253, COLGED Dishwasher ONYX50, COLGED Dishwasher SILVER50, COLGED Dishwasher SILVER50 MARINE, COLGED Dishwasher SILVER50GW, COLGED Dishwasher SILVER50S, COLGED Dishwasher STEEL51, COLGED Dishwasher STEEL51HP, COLGED Dishwasher STEEL53BD, COLGED Dishwasher STEEL53MS, COLGED Dishwasher STEELTECH360BK, COLGED Dishwasher STEELTECH360SK, COLGED Dishwasher STEELTECH361, COLGED Glasswasher/Cupwasher ONYX50S, COLGED Glasswasher/Cupwasher STEEL510, COLGED Glasswasher/Cupwasher STEEL510D, COLGED Glasswasher/Cupwasher STEELTECH360, COLGED Glasswasher/Cupwasher STEELTECH360K, DEXION Dishwasher D500LS, DEXION Dishwasher D501LS, DEXION Dishwasher LP045-10-000, DEXION Dishwasher LP048-10-000, DEXION Dishwasher LP051-06-000, DEXION Dishwasher LP051-06-000P, DEXION Dishwasher LP051-06-100, DEXION Dishwasher LP051-10-000, DEXION Dishwasher LP051-10-000MPD, DEXION Dishwasher LP051-10-100, DEXION Dishwasher LP053, DEXION Dishwasher LP053-06-000, DEXION Dishwasher LP053-10-000, DEXION Dishwasher LP053-10-100, DEXION Dishwasher LP053BT-DP, DEXION Dishwasher LP054-ZH, DEXION Dishwasher LP056-10-000, DEXION Dishwasher LP057-10-000, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E46, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E50, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E50D, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E50D FRN, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E50FRN, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E50PS, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E50SA, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E51, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E51D, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher E51PS, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST160, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST160D, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST160DP, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST161, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST161D, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST161DP, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST161PA, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST51M, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST51MD, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST51MDP, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST51T, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST51TD, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher FAST51TDP, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher MISTRAL51, ELETTROBAR Dishwasher NIAGARA51, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher MISTRAL51D, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher MISTRAL51PS, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher NIAGARA35, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher NIAGARA51D, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher NIAGARA51MT, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher NIAGARA51MTPS, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher NIAGARA51MTPSSA, ELETTROBAR Glasswasher/Cupwasher NIAGARA51MTSA, EUROWASH Dishwasher 360, EUROWASH Dishwasher 363, EUROWASH Dishwasher 503, EUROWASH Dishwasher 503PS, EUROWASH Dishwasher 503S, EUROWASH Dishwasher 513, EUROWASH Dishwasher 513S, EUROWASH Dishwasher 553, EUROWASH Dishwasher 593, EUROWASH Glasswasher/Cupwasher 361, HOBART Dishwasher CLG26DNA-10, HOBART Dishwasher ECOMAX 500, HOBART Dishwasher H500, HOBART Dishwasher STBE40DUK-11, MBM Dishwasher KLF500E, MBM Dishwasher KLF580, MBM Dishwasher LF50, MBM Dishwasher LF500, MBM Dishwasher LF55, MBM Dishwasher LF550, MBM Dishwasher LF551, MBM Dishwasher LF55E, MBM Dishwasher LS500A (LS500), MBM Dishwasher LS501, MBM Dishwasher LS505M, MBM Dishwasher LS505PT, MBM Dishwasher LS505T, MBM Dishwasher LS511, MBM Glasswasher/Cupwasher D500LS, MBM Glasswasher/Cupwasher D501LS, MBM Pot stove E46, WOLK Dishwasher 500, WOLK Dishwasher 500HP, WOLK Dishwasher 563

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